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Financial Help for Cancer Patients

New state and federally regulated programs can now provide U.S. cancer patients immediate funds through their life insurance or annuity policies -- funds normally not paid out until after death. 

Because numerous visitors have asked for specifics about these helpful programs, we have joined RobertsReview of Cancer Treatment Breakthroughs to select a nationally-respected patient services firm to provide free, credible and comprehensive information about them.

FOR FREE INFORMATION: CLICK HERE (Information provided is kept strictly confidential and will not be sold or exchanged.)

There is no cost or obligation to find out how much money patients can receive under the various programs.  Nor are there any income, reporting, or pay-back requirements (unless a "loan program" is selected).  Nor are there restrictions on how funds can be spent.

For free information, simply Email us.

These programs also offer significant tax benefits under the "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996" (H.R. 3103 -- PL No. 104-191.  Proceeds from settlements may be tax-free in the case of the "terminally ill" or "chronically ill" under new section 101(g) of the Internal Revenue Code ("IRC").

Money received through these program may be used in any way patients or family members wish: To pay for traditional or alternative medical care; for transportation, quality-of-life needs, or nursing costs; to travel, pay rent, mortgages, or household bills; even to pay for a child's wedding, or for gifts, a new car, a grand child's college tuition, funding trusts, etc..

If you would like to have a patient services worker telephone you to answer questions, include your phone number in your Email to us.  A patient services worker will contact you, and, if you wish, even assist you with forms.

If the patient or family desire, money received never needs to be repaid,  Patients, however, also can elect to receive funds via "loans" secured by life insurance policies or an annuity.  Either way -- "repayment" or "no repayment" -- the choice is yours.

NOTE:  A unique benefit of these plans is that the older or more seriously ill patients are -- the more funds these programs can release to them to meet their needs. 

You (or whomever you designate) will receive an email about the program within two weeks after we receive your

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NOTE:  Always consult trained, licensed medical physicians to coordinate alternative or complementary cancer care with your overall medical treatment plan.

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